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Musicmate.dk | Smokie - Lay back in the arms of someone Guitar Akkorder

Smokie - Lay back in the arms of someone

Guitar Akkorder
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Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone      (Smokie)

Intro: G  D  G  D  G  D  G  A

       G              D                              
(1)    If you want my sympathy
       G              D
       Just open your heart to me
       G              D                    A
       And you'll get whatever you'll ever need
       G                   D
       You think that's to high for you
       G                D
       Oh baby, I would die for you
       G                   D
       When ther's nothin' left
       You know where I'll be

       D               Hm
Refr.: Lay back in the arms of someone
       D             Em
       Givin' to the charms of someone
       G               A                D   A
       Lay back in the arms of some you love    (darlin')
       D               Hm
       Lay back in the arms of someone
       D                    Em
       When you feel you're a part of someone
       G               A                    D   G D G D G D G A
       Lay back in the arms of  someone you love

       G            D
(2)    So baby just call on me
       G             D
       When you want all of me
       G                D
       And I'll be your lover
       And I'll be your friend
       G                 D
       There's nothing I won't do
       G                  D
       'Cause baby I just live for you
       G               D
       With nothing to hide
       No need to pretend          (Refr.)

       A    G                        D
Break: Oh I know you think that's to high for you
       G               D
       Oh baby I would die for you
       G                    D
       When there's nothing left
       I'll be with you            (Refr.


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